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17 Years Development Path

 Guangzhou Aukewel Electronic Co.,Ltd established in Guangzhou.
400 square meters factory settled in Lane 10, Datang Huafeng New Street, Haizhu District, produced the first generation of low frequency therapy instrument AK-2000.
R & D and produced the first generation of low frequency therapeutic equipment AK-2000- II export type, the product entered the Southeast Asian market for the first time.
The company moved to 3rd Floor, Lane 8, Datang Huafeng New Street, Haizhu,expand to 1,000 square meters.Researched  and developed of the first generation of low medium frequency therapeutic equipment AK-2000- III at the same year.
Passed the German TUV ISO13485.This meant the Aukewel products have been recognized by the world's most powerful electronic products testing。Passed the Canadian CMDCAS certification at the same year, the products are exported to North America.
Developed and produced the first medical-type intelligent high-potential treatment machine AK-FY-2076, expanded the high potential in China's market share. 
November 7th,2006 Aukewel global marketing center was established in Guangzhou Tianhe Design Building . The same year, at the second session of the international meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine and Alternative Medicine Symposium Aukewel won the "top ten meridian Innovation Award",.From that time, Aukewel products integrated into "national strategic system to promote the culture of Chinese medicine"and be exported to all over the world.
Passed the EU ROHS certification.
In July 2008, Guangzhou Aukewel Electronic Co. Ltd. was base of life science China Health Care Association designated "units to promote cooperation in technology development and market of electronic biological and biochemical polymer products". During 2007-2008,Aukewel developed a total of 8 intelligent high-potential treatment machine,and built a high reputation in the high potential market .
In October 2009, the company was awarded the "60th anniversary of the founding of the country, the most trusted medical products / equipment"At the same time, Mr. Xu Lian, Chairman of the Aukewel , was awarded the "Most Influential People in China's Medical Industry"and was hired as a director by "China Medical Health Reform and Development Research Society".
Moved to South Block 5 area, Li Village Industrial Zone, Dashi Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, in 2010, expand to 5,000 square meters.Set up the Oscar's straight team, established the Okee Wei's marketing model, which marked the Aukewel changed from a single production in the past into the "Production marketing type".It was a new start.
January 22, 2011, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its six associations awarded the Aukewel company "to promote the development of Chinese medicine contribution award".
In the 11th China International Health Expo,Aukewel won the "Science and Technology Progress Award", which laid a high potential products in the industry's leading position in the industry.
In November in 2011,passed the EU MDD certification,which meant that  the Aukewel products passed the most stringent national testing.
In the fourth Chinese health products credibility products and brand selection activities, the magical meridian pen won the "Chinese health products credibility products"title.
Infrared Energy Lamp won the "2012 old industry consumer trust products" title.
In 2013,Aukewel won the "most influential brand" title in Chinese meeting sale brand Festival Review Committee.AK-FY-2076I leaded a new benchmark for high potential technology.
We are loyal to the tenet of  "Survival by quality, development by technology“, pursue scholar merchant manner with credibility and technology.  "People-oriented, customer-oriented." Place the social benefits at first, and strive to "let people all over the world to be healthier. Aukewel do it!"AUKEWEL was awarded the honorary title of "integrity unit " in Liu an.
Displayed high potential equipment 2076I, 2076J in Milan World Expo and made breakthrough progress. Opened a new window to international market.
Expanded the direct sales channels. Developed and produced new generations of products: ultrasonic therapy equipment, hydrogen-rich water bottle, multi-functional equipment.
Moved to Shiji, Panyu modern industrial park of 18,000 square meters. New starting point, new goal to realize the next decade dream, we set sail again!
Seventeen years is not a stop but the start line of upgrading, globalization and professionalization.
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