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Ultrasound Therapy Equipment AK-CS-01
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Ultrasound therapy is natural and green therapy. No injections, no medicine, deep treatment of the disease.


Recognized by the International Health Organization as the "green health channel" of the century.

Ultrasound therapy has been in the western developed countries for about 80 years.

It belongs to the national basic treatment program,which is applied to pain department and rehabilitation and physiotherapy department.


The sounds made by dolphins, the sounds made by bats, and B-mode ultrasound in hospitals,these are examples of ultrasonic waves that we know or hear of. Ultrasonic treatment is one of the safest and effective treatment methods. In nearly 80% of families in Europe and America, ultrasound therapy equipment is available.

Principle of the ultrasound therapy equipment


It is the perfect combination between classic theory and treatment of 

traditional Chinese and modern science technology.The research is based

on traditional Chinese medicine therapy.It is a revolution for middle intensity 

ultrasound therapy equipment,which merged ultrasound,heat and acupuncture 

point treatment etc in this equipment.Through physical and chemical 

effects to improve partial blood circulation of body lesions tissue,enhance metabolism,soften organization,strengthen drug permeability,impact the 

content of active substances,reduce sensory nerve excitability to 

achieve pain relief and also follow the meridians,balance QI and blood,

adjust the yin and yang.

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